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DIY Easter Themed Picture Frames in 5 Easy Steps

When I think of Easter and kids, there are few things that come to mind: Easter baskets, elaborate outfits, and cute bunny costumes. Those three things represent the traditional practices most families are accustomed to when celebrating Easter–aside from going to church of course. This year I’ll be co-hosting our family’s big Easter “egg-stravaganza” with my cousins’ wife and we tasked each other with making an Easter gift for each kid.

Looking back at pictures of myself all dressed up for Easter —always sporting my over-the-top Easter basket–I knew I wanted to create something memorable. Something the kids could look back at when they got older….something that would be a constant reminder of how much fun they had celebrating Easter with their extended family.

The majority of us with young kids in my family are millennials, so I knew we would all be taking selfies and snapping pictures of our little ones all day long. With that in mind, I decided to make Easter-themed picture frames for the kids. For me, these frames would encompass everything that reminded me of Easter growing up- prancing around in those elaborate Easter outfits, the extraordinary Easter baskets, the silly faces we would make with our bunny ears on top of our heads but most of all it would be a “souvenir” of all the fun, memorable events from that day.

If you’re looking to switch it up with your gifts this Easter holiday, I recommend making these adorable DIY Easter Picture Frames. Simply follow these 5 Easy Steps below!

                                                               Materials Needed:

  • ArtMinds Wood Picture Frame, 4 x 6 in
  • Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Value Sets (I recommend pastel colors for Easter)
  • Craft Smart Fine Line Paint Pens
  • Craft Smart Brush Assortment
  • Mini Easter Egg Stickers
  • Easter Bunny & Egg Foam Cut-outs


You can purchase all of these items for less than $25- depending on how many frames you get. I purchased all of my supplies at Michael’s and used a coupon.

Step 1: Paint the frames. I used the foam brushes to paint each frame- it was quick and easy and the paint dried up nicely. If your little one will be helping you, I recommend purchasing a kids smock and laying down old newspaper in the area you’ll be painting at so you don’t have a huge mess to clean at the end.


Step 2: Let the paint dry. Set the frames aside to dry for 10-15 minutes. It’s important that they are completely dry because you’ll be writing on them with Paint Pens in Step 3. While they are drying you can log onto Pinterest and pick a Calligraphy font to use.

Untitled design-4

Nori and I also used this time to dance and enjoy yummy Easter treats.


Step 3: Personalize the Frames. In this step, you’ll be writing out your slogan for the Easter celebration. I chose to write “Easter 2017” on mine. You can also say “Happy Easter”, “Our ‘Egg-stra” Special Easter”- it’s completely up to you on what you decide to use. Be sure to personalize each frame but adding your child’s name at the bottom.

Untitled design-5

Step 4: Place the mini egg stickers and easter foam cut-outs on the frame. I grouped eggs together and ensured there was at least 1 egg sticker in each corner–however the layout is completely up to you. I also included a bunny foam sticker by each kid’s name.


Step 5: Decorate with paint. After placing the stickers where you want them to go, load the frame with dots in different colors and sizes. You can also paint little swirly lines around the frame.


Here are a couple of pictures of the frames I created.IMG_2266



Did you have fun completing this project? I’d LOVE to see your creations. Leave a comment with an image of your DIY Easter frames in the box below.


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